How to protect your cPanel/WHM from hackers ? Print

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- Don't Save your Password in Browsers
- Use Secure browser Google chrome for better security as it will bypass most of the Botnets, Grabbers, Stealers
- Don't use any Pirated content as it may contain Security holes
- Kindly Change your configuration files (Which contains your Site DB Details Ex wp-config.php) of your CMS to File Permission 400 Secure permission which can be read-only by the Owner
- Change all your password Monthly Once
- Check your account file manager for any unwanted files and remove them (Malware/Files which is not Uploaded by You)
- Don't download any attachments you got from unknown person's like PDF Invoices/Purchase orders as it will be harmful to your PC/Laptops (Malwares are exploited into PDF)
- Don't respond to any mails which is requesting your Passwords
- Install Anti-Virus programs on your PC/Laptop for better security
- Enable Two Factor Authentication for your cPanels
- If you think your cPanel has any Malwares file you can do a scan from cPanel > Virus scanner 

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